Hiroaki Nagasawa, CEO

Hiroaki worked as a director of listed company in Japan for trading and financing. His team achieved an annual sales of over 1 billion USD.In 2000, he established a company for investment and incubation business.He studied law at Tokyo Metropolitan University and graduated in 1976.His experience includes financing, marketing and M&A business.

東京都立大学法学部卒。東証1部上場会社で取締役海外統括本部長としてヨーロッパ勤務6年を含め海外との貿易、ファイナンスに従事。年商1000億の達成も実現。2000年に独立し、投資とインキュベーションの会社設立。Vanadis LLCを2018年10月に立ち上げ、今後の臨床試験に向けた資金調達始めとする作業に従事。


Takaomi Aoki, Independent Researcher

Takaomi Aoki established an office as a consultant after leaving Asahi Kasei, a general chemical industry company in Japan. He worked in various fields. Since 1983, he has begun research on vanadium pentavalent ion water. Completed the paper with the “Aoki hypothesis”
on how to improve the cause of Alzheimer-type dementia. He studied economics at the University of Tokyo.



Toshio Miyake in charge of Intellectual property

Toshio is a patent attorney registered before the Japanese Patent Office, with experience preparing and prosecuting patent applications in a technical field of chemistry including pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. He studied Food Science at the Kyoto University and graduated in 1981. After working as a researcher at a chemical company, he joined several patent firms and IP divisions of University. His experience also includes negotiation on Collaborations and Licensing with a variety of companies and academic institutes.



Company address
Sanyo Rokubancho Bldg., 5F
1-10 Rokubancho, Chiyoda-ku